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Schritte Plus is a textbook series used in classrooms in Germany which facilitates integration into everyday German-speaking life: the important areas of family life and the world of work. It covers all everyday and job-related learning objectives within the most important fields of action from work to living , which are specified by the framework curriculum of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. It has short and clear lesson structure.

Picture-Audio stories: The Picture-Audio stories begins each lessons and run through the entire book.
These entertaining episodes of picture-story offers opportunities for identification, implicitly conveys regional knowledge and also trains global listening comprehension. The interludes between each lesson encourage creative use of interesting reading and listening texts and impart knowledge of the country.

Contained in this book are

  • Course book
  • Workbook
  • CD with interactive exercises
  • – exercises and tasks on all pages in the course book in various levels of difficulty
  • – a detailed phonetics program
  • – a learning diary that conveys important learning strategies
  • – learning vocabulary pages
  • – writing training
  • – tasks for self-evaluation
  • – repetition exercises and stations
  • – Integrated learning vocabulary for each lesson
  • – A systematically structured writing training
  • – Exercises that guide you to self-discovering grammatical structures

Other Information

No. of pages: 180

Level: A1 , A1.1

Usage: Classroom, private, Adults and Lower Secondary school.

Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Regional knowledge.

Package: Paper cover

Size: 22 x 28cm

Weight (grams):  

ISBN: 978-3-19-011911-0


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