We meet German language needs in Nigeria as well as offer online instruction.

Nigeria's German Language Store

We have founded Nigeria's first One-Stop German Language Store (NGLS). Get everything you need. Excellently designed and extremely easy to use indigenous flashcards, amazing and practical books by major German publishers. Learning is made easier, faster, and fun. An excellent choice for everyone.

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Deutsch Klub

We set up German Clubs as extra curricular activities with relevant learning and fun activities for schools. This would ensure smooth transition into offering German language as subjects in higher education, thereby building global citizens, giving children a competitive advantage for their future.

German Language Classes

Learn German Language with ease, a rich blend of fun and serious studies. Both our online and physical classes are taught in relaxed and friendly methods which alleviate the anxiety of new language learners and build the confidence required to learn and speak quickly.

Walls of Inspiration

Our creative and innovative support system are designed to equip you with tips, guides, motivation, inspiration and perspective on your German language learning journey. Achieve your dreams, goals, build hope, courage and even gain redirection with the people we bring to you and with our amazing and dynamic inspiration and affirmation items

German for Children

The more language opportunities presented to children, the better. Raise more diversified global citizens right in your household. Raise your children bilingual, multi-lingual and they would thrive better in the global community as they grow. Language is a strategic global tool.


The German language arm of the Sent Dimension Projects was set up to meet German language needs first in Nigeria and support learners globally. Our goal is to make it easier for you to learn, as we equip you with great learning materials and products, teach you, and to be an exceptional source of motivation.

Head of Language Instruction

Omotope Matilda Adesina-Solomon holds her bachelor’s degree in German from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and soon a Master’s Degree in German Studies from the University of Kentucky USA. From the Lagos state NYSC secretariat in Nigeria, where she began her professional journey in German language to the Goethe Institut Lagos Nigeria where she was an Instructor, and a Goethe Certified Examiner for about six years, to primary schools where she handles German clubs to support elementary schools early exposure to foreign languages, Matilda has taught the German language across various levels in Nigeria and is a Teaching Assistant at the University of Kentucky, where she studies and specializes on Language Pedagogy and German Literature. She has demonstrated success in teaching within multi-cultural environments spanning different countries, enhancing multi-cultural understanding and supported hundreds of students in their German language learning goals. Her strong background in FMCG client services come in handy as she offers personalized support and tailored learning experiences for diverse students. She is passionate about cultivating a supportive classroom community where students are engaged, thrive, and excel, she is driven by a genuine commitment to their academic and personal growth. Today she consults, teaches, designs curriculum, and creates fun learning aids and strive to support mental health by creating a healthy learning atmosphere within the classroom community. Many of her students say she built their confidence in making mistakes without worries as she laid the foundation for their journey to proficiency. She is an exceptionally passionate teacher; her passion for her students is palpable.

Matilda O. Adesina Solomon

Matilda O. Adesina Solomon

Head of Language Instruction & Curriculum Designer


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