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Flashcards are amazingly effective learning technique. The Sent Dimension Projects’ flashcards series are all designed to be your practical learning companion. With the fine twist of fun and serious studies, they will help you build your vocabulary easily and very quickly.
 In this volume, you will learn the meaning of many everyday verbs and their conjugations in the present tense. Colourful, practical and suitable for individual and group learning. For young and adult learners, teachers and instructors.

These cards were designed out of a deep understanding of a need for easier and fun ways of building German Vocabulary.

Years of training and teaching experience and learning has proven to me the super effectiveness of visual aids in learning. 
Users will find their propensity to study  rapidly increase with use of our flashcards.

What will you get from this Flashcards?

Confidently put sentences together to express yourself without the confusion of which verbs to use or how to conjugate.

Increase your vocabulary. With over 220 new words and meanings, Your vocabulary just got more than upped!

You have the ability to learn anywhere, anytime and in record time.

What’s Included

220 colourful Learning cards

Meanings of most regularly used German verbs

Conjugations of all 220 verbs

Usage instructions both in English and German

Who are our products for?

If you are a German language learner. If you want to learn and master the German verbs because you understand that it is the beginning of being able to express yourself fluently.

If you are innovative German Language instructors.

If you want your child/children or wards to study in German speaking countries or you want to increase their employability pool.

If you intend to change your career and intend to learn the German language to increase your vantage point.



Flashcards Reviews

What our users say.

It is great and absolutely stress free. One can learn more verbs and it actually helps a lot with the speaking.

Learning with these Flashcards really makes learning German much easier and makes it stick easily.

It’s useful for quick referencing. It leaves a more lasting imprint in the minds of users and helps to remember better. It also allows users to take notes. 

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Learning with these Flashcards really makes learning German much easier and makes it stick easily.

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