Menschen im Beruf – Schreibtraining


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If you intend to have a professional life in Germany, this book is a your go to.

It trains the written skills of a professional as well as grammar and the right context for every kind of office writing.

All areas of written communication in the professional life are taken into account:

– systematically practices writing skills in a professional environment

– presents typical types of text such as e-mails and letters etc. and the linguistic means required for them

– Formulation and writing training as well as grammar exercises

– ideal as course material in lessons

– Also suitable for self-learners thanks to the integrated solution key

Can be used in parallel with any general language textbook of levels B2 and C1.

Other Information

No. of pages: 112

Level: B1, B2

Usage: Additional course book, Group or Self-study

Package: Paper cover


Weight (grams):  

ISBN: 978-3-19-141587-7


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