Der zerbrochene Krug mit CD – A2


This Storybook is an exciting book which you would love to read over and over again. More exciting is the audio CD which comes with it. You will benefit immensely as you listen to the author and other native speakers read the drama  for you as you read and enjoy along.

This interesting, funny and insightful story centers around a broken pitcher, a Judge and so much more.

It’s apparently a very bad day for the village judge – Adam: His head hurts terribly, the court counselor Walter checks the court treasury today, he forgot his wig and then Ms. Marthe Rull comes to the court with a broken pitcher.
A man is said to have broken it. A man! At night! In her single daughter Eve’s room!
Was it Eve’s groom Ruprecht? Or a stranger? Maybe even the devil?
The judge is to shed light on this dark matter., but that’s exactly what he doesn’t want, because he already knows the truth …
Who will win in the end? Adam or the Truth?

Contained in the book are

  • 1 audio-CD
  • Comprehension exercises to the story which helps to improve reading comprehension and writing skills concurrently.
  • suitable for dynamic classroom teaching, school drama and self-study.

Other Information

No. of pages: 52

Usage: Universal

Package: Paper cover


Weight (grams):  

ISBN:  978-3-19-401673-6


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