Schritte Übungsgrammatik


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This book is a grammar practice book to you an excellent overview of basic German grammar rules and structures and with solutions available, suitable for self-study as well as for use as additional classroom material.

Each unit covers a double page: based on an easy-to-remember introductory situation, the left-hand page explains the grammar it presents in simple language.

The right-hand page offers practice material with a variety of different exercises.

The juxtaposition of grammar rule and practice material in this way guarantees the user a high degree of clarity.
Grammar structures and exercises are labelled according to level.
The book is suitable for both beginners and students who have reached B1 level. It can also be used to prepare for A2/B1-level exams.

No. of pages: 184

Usage: Self Study, Extra Classroom exercises, Examinations

Level: A1, A2, B1

Package: Paper back

Audio CD: 0

ISBN: 978-3-19-301911-0


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